President’s Message – December 2018

Easton Lions Member Ram Penumarthy

Greetings from Ram Penumarthy: We enjoyed an excellent response from the Easton community this 32nd year of the Holiday Festival. As we prepared for this year’s festival and continued the legacy of success, we were excited to see Easton Town’s participation and response during the celebrations.

President’s Message – December 2017

Easton Lions Member Pattie Somers

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and all you hold dear.  May everybody you love stay healthy and content throughout the new year. Thank you all for making the Easton Lion’s Club a wonderful organization.  I am so proud of all the service that our club provides to our community.  So –  Thank you!!

President’s Message – November 2017

Easton Lions Member Pattie Somers

Thankful to have all of you as fellow Lions! Event Calendar Thanksgiving message from Pattie to all members on November 22, 2017 Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.  I hope you enjoy sharing some time and food with your family members. Gather all those memories of the day’s events.  I do remember many a turkey […]

President’s Message – September 2017

Easton Lions Member Pattie Somers

“We Need You…” Event Calendar Hello it’s me! I was wondering… Since I became president of the Easton Lions, I have had the pleasure of working the members of various committees. I have a greater appreciation of the work that our Easton Lions are doing for our club and community. I have also realized the […]

President’s End-of-Year Message – June 2017

Matthew Cioffi profile image from holiday festival.

This year has been a blast. We threw a few stones into the pond and the ripples are still spreading out today. I want to thank everyone for their hard work this year at all our events. Tonight, I’d like to share with you two things I learned serving as your president and a mission, if you choose to accept it, I hope will inspire you for next year. The first, is the power of “Wait, what?” moments; Which led me to understand what it means to be a Lion; – And finally, the mission: “If this were your last year as a Lion, how would you make it be the best year ever?”…

President’s Message – May 2017

Matthew Cioffi profile image from holiday festival.

Here is one more six-word story I’d like to add: “Hey Matt, How can I help?” – For me, this says it all! It brought welcoming music to my ears time and time again. It enabled us to succeed with integrity and humility. So many of you have walked the talk and did what you said you would do. It’s made for an outstanding Lions’ year. Thank you!! As a runner, after months of building-up miles, there’s nothing more satisfying…

President’s Message – Apr 2017

Matthew Cioffi profile image from holiday festival.

Have you ever set out in search of one thing, and end-up finding something really cool and unexpected? Lately, for me, it seems to happen every week. The latest was at the SAS Global Forum in Orlando, April 1-5. Think geekiest conference ever; 6,000+ statisticians and data analyst coming together to learn, connect, and get pumped about what is possible! How many events have you gone to and got to make a picture out of LEGOS to help 2,000 less fortunate students…

President’s Message – Mar 2017

Matthew Cioffi profile image from holiday festival.

“Not above you, not beneath you, but with you!” We say these words, together, at the beginning of each meeting. These words are the essence of what it means to be a Lion. It succinctly condenses our Code of Ethics (highlighted in the sidebar) into 9 simple words. This is not to say that everything will go perfectly and our efforts will never go awry. On the contrary, like any good family, we’ll argue, we’ll disagree, and we’ll make mistakes. We are all human.

President’s Message – Feb 2017

Matthew Cioffi profile image from holiday festival.

“Our very survival depends on our ability to stay awake, to adjust to new ideas, to remain vigilant and to face the challenge of change.” (Martin Luther King, Jr, “Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?”) Facing the “challenge of change” certainly rings true as we approach our 31st Charity Auction. This year we have two huge changes, a new home at Stonehill College and an online auction that

President’s Message – Jan 2017

Matthew Cioffi profile image from holiday festival.

Welcome everyone to the new year!  We have a lot on tap, with some new twists as we punch in to warp-speed for our annual Charity Auction on March 5th.  We have a new location for the Live Auction, Stonehill College, and we have a new online auction 2 weeks prior, starting February 20th for […]