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Rob Goodrich


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Our Story

The Easton Lions have been living in, giving back, and serving Easton since 1931! We do whatever is necessary to help our community. Whether it’s raising money for scholarships & toolships or helping prepare the Rockery for the annual Holiday Festival, we’re helping our neighbors to make Easton a great place to live. If you’re interested in volunteering, leading projects, networking and having fun – you can do all of this and more as a Lions club member.

Lions make a difference everyday

Lions Clubs offer volunteer opportunities that fit your lifestyle. Whether you are looking to lend a helping hand or pursue a leadership role, Lions has an option for you. As Lion you will change lives. You commit the time and talents as your schedule allows.

The Easton Lions are the largest club in New England with over 150 members! We generally have 60-75 members at our meetings which are on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month (September – June) at the Hall on Foundry Street (Easton Knights of Columbus) in Easton. Meetings start at 6:30 PM with a social 1/2 hour with the meeting starting at 7:00 PM. Every meeting includes a meal and we are usually done by 8:30.

Create new experiences

Are you interested in helping others and meeting new people? As a Lion, you will:

  • Use your talents to make an impact locally and around the world
  • Acquire new skills
  • Meet challenges head-on
  • Cultivate lasting friendships
  • Discover more about yourself

Volunteering your time not only helps those in need, but also gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from deep within.

Immediate Past PresidentAndrew
1st Vice PresidentBill
2nd Vice PresidentDan
3rd Vice PresidentLori
Assistant SecretaryJudy
Marketing Communications ChairPattie
Membership ChairMark
Service CoordinatorSteve
Dues TreasurerMark
Lion TamerStanley Borgeson
Tail TwisterJoyce Tardito

Directors serving 1 year
Sheri Anderson
Bob Grella
Directors serving 2 years
John Mallers
Rich Freitas

Rob Goodrich

Service has been an important aspect in Rob’s life – service to country and to the community.  During his 26-year career in the U.S. Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service (DSS), he was deployed in a wide variety of positions and locations throughout the globe.  These included diplomatic postings in Germany, Jordan, France and Colombia.  Rob was promoted through the ranks and elevated to the Senior Foreign Service.  He retired in 2013 as the Special Agent-in-Charge of DSS’s flagship field office in New York City.  Since then, Rob has worked as a senior global security manager for two different major international companies.  Much earlier, he served for ten years as an Infantry officer in the U.S. Army Reserves.


Rob is originally from Wallingford, CT.  He has been an active member of the Easton Lions Club from 2000 to 2004 and from 2011 until present.  In addition to serving the community, Rob is passionate about history and genealogy.  He loves to ski, bowl, and golf, and he is planning to try pickle ball soon.


Andrew at March Meeting 2022

Immediate Past President
Andrew Parker


After a twenty-plus career in state government Andrew left public service to join one of the largest specialty contractors in New England. Fifteen years later, in the middle of one of the hottest construction booms in the history of the country, Andrew found that he missed community service, and joined the Club.

Andrew believes that Easton is a good town that is made great by civic groups, like the Lions. In addition to working on political campaigns and issues which he is restricted by Club rules and common sense from discussing, Andrew was formerly involved with the Old Colony YMCA, and served as a representative to the Department of Public Health’s first Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund Commission.

He is a certified librarian, has advanced degrees from Simmons College, and the University of Massachusetts, and wears a hard-hat and steel-toed boots to work. Andrew lives with his wife, Lee, in North Easton within easy walking distance of four Lee Williams’ town dedications.

Use the buttons below to download the club governance documents in PDF format

Club Constitution & Bylaws
Nov 30, 2018

Foundation Bylaws
Sep 12, 2018

Club & Foundation Policy
Sep 12, 2018

Supplement – Rules & Revisions
Nov 30, 2018

Use the buttons below to download club promotional and application documents in PDF format.  If you need an official Easton Lions logo in high resolution format, please contact the Marketing Communications Chair at  All our logos are saved in Teams folder to share with you. 

For official Lions Clubs International (LCI) logos, those are available on the LCI Members Resources Logos and Emblems page. Please note there are older LCI logos, (i.e., the multi-color logo that has red tongues), that should not be used for any print or web-based media, per LCI marketing guidelines.  

Melvin Jones Fellowships

The Melvin Jones Fellowship was established in 1973 in response to Lions’ requests for a way to extend their commitment to Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) and to honor Melvin Jones, one of it’s founder. In 1917, Melvin Jones, a 38-year-old Chicago business leader, told members of his local business club they should reach beyond business issues and address the betterment of their communities and the world. Jones’ group, the Business Circle of Chicago, agreed and the Lions Club was born.

A donation made, in the name of the Easton Lions Club to the Lions Clubs International Foundation in the amount of $1000- will benefit the recognition of the individual. LCIF/Fellowship donations are largely responsible for the successful launching the Lions’ aggressive global attack on preventable and curable blindness—the LCIF Sight First programs. Fellowship donations help fund long term reconstruction and relief projects following major disasters, such as the Haiti, Australia and Japan earthquakes as well as support for the tornado victims in the southern and mid-western sections of our country. Donations also support vocational assistance programs that teach skills to disabled persons, giving them an opportunity to live productively and independently.

The Easton Lions club honors our most dedicated and generous members and friends of the Lions through the Melvin Jones Fellowship each year. Designated as Lions Clubs International Foundation’s highest honor, the fellowship symbolizes the characteristics of individuals who are dedicated to humanitarian service. Those attributes are generosity, compassion, and concern for others. Below is a list of Easton Lions members and Friends of the Lions honored to date.

Deceased:  †

Donald Anderson-1994
Augustus “Gus” Arns-2019
Harold Boone-1989
Stanley Borgeson-2019
Tyler Bourne-2011
George Brodie-1987
Abraham Brooks-1987
Antonio Cabral-2013
Ruth Calvagne-2015
Matthew Cioffi-2018
Marilyn J. Cyr-2016
Larry Paul Dahlgren-2005
Clifford “Skip” Davis-2006
Robert Davis-2007
Gerry Deneault-2003
Norbert “Duke” Duhamel-1990
Robert Farrand-2014
Manuel Femandes-2001
John B. Foye-1998
Louis F. Freitas-1998
Richard Freitas-2007
Robert Govey-2006
Dennis Gutman-2018
Charles Hammond, Jr.-2005
Thomas Hedrick-1992
Marilyn Henderson-2013
Mark Ingalls-2017
Carl Johannesen-?
Amos Keddem-2009
William Kempf-2000
Dale Kerester-2011
Leo Kobs-1993
Scot Kudcey-2020
Veronica Lamb-2020
James Lee-2012
Kenneth Love-2017
Lori Maver-2022
John Mallers-2014
Kevin McIntyre-2014
Jon Morgan-2008
Raymen Morrell-2004
Henry Narsasian-2003
Richard Norton-2008
William Palmer-2012
Andrew Parker-2023
Bert Patenaude-2001
(Past District Governor)
Frank Paul-2004
Louis Piantoni-2002
Ed Pires-2016
William Richardson 1999 & 2002
Alan Siegel-1996
Matthew Soeldner-2015
Pattie Somers-2020
Allen F. Soucia-1995
Nancy Sullivan-2009
Paul H. Tanner-1999
Joyce Tardito-2022
Donald Tuck-2010
Irving Vose, III-1997
Avery Lee Williams-1991
Kenneth Wood-2006
Mark Vinocoor-2022

Presidential Honor Roll

2010-11Jan Melley
2011-12Bill Palmer
2012-13Kevin McIntyre
2013-14Cynthia Rodham Tuck
2014-15Dennis Gutman
2015-16Nancy Sullivan
2016-17Matthew Cioffi
2017-18Pattie Somers
2018-19Ram Penumarthy
2019-21Lori Maver
2021-22Andrew Parker
2022-23Bill Palmer

1990-91Moses Mendez
1991-92Peter Dost
1992-93Jack Finning
1993-94Irving B. Vose III* d
1994-95Allen F. Soucia
1995-96Paul S. Tanner
1996-97John B. Foye
1997-98William P. Richardson* d §
1998-99Richard Freitas
1999-00Francis “Tim” Meyer
2000-01Carl Johannesen* d
2001-02Richard Norton
2002-03William Habig, Jr.
2003-04Skip Davis, Jr.*
2004-05Ken Wood
2005-06Leon Monnin
2006-07Amos Keddem
2007-08Nancy Sullivan
2008-09Mike Melley
2009-10Bill Palmer

1970-71Robert Govey
1971-72Louis Freitas* d
1972-73William Kempf
1973-74George Brodie
1974-75Paul Sullivan
1975-76Joseph Techiera*
1976-77Joseph Kempf
1977-78Charles Hammond
1978-79Robert Kane
1979-80Louis Piantoni
1980-81Edward Marcheselli
1981-82William Kempf
1982-83Charles Barboza
1983-84Joesph Walton
1984-85Gerald Deneault
1985-86Leo Kobs*
1986-87Joseph Carvalho
1987-88Thomas Hedrick
1988-89Daniel W. Churchill
1989-90Sherm Caswell

1950-51John Shepard
1951-52William Ladd
1952-53Russ Eason
1953-54Richard Payzant
1954-55Robert Rollins
1955-56William Valente
1956-57William Kutcher
1957-58ArthurYardley* g
1958-59Harold “Ike” Boone
1959-60Russell Thomas
1960-61Ewin Ozelius*
1961-62Norbert “Duke” Duhamel* g
1962-63Arthur Tufts
1963-64Paul H. Tanner
1964-65Edward LaCouture
1965-66Alexander Pires
1966-67Joseph Techiera*
1967-68Alan Hilliard
1968-69Frank Sahl
1969-70Joseph Freitas

1931-33William A. Fenwick
1933-35John Masong
1935-36Herbert O’Neill§
1936-37Elmer C. Harrold
1937-38Gilman H. Campbell
1938-39Horace Brown
1939-40Harris A. DeWittg
1940-41Norman Durfee
1941-42John S. Ames Jr.
1942-43Gilbert C. Mann
1943-44George DeWitt
1944-45Frank Tufts
1945-46Robert Chanberlain
1946-47Robert DeWitt
1947-48Stanley Randall
1948-49Rev. Harry Lowd
1949-50Abraham Brooks

Member & Club Awards

Lions of the Month

September 2021: Arlene Keach & Judy Jackson 

October 2021: Scot Kudcey & Marilyn Cyr 

December 2021: Michelle McGee, Sheri Anderson, & Ed Pires 

February 2022: John Tracy & Matthew Cioffi

March 2022:  Joyce Tardito  

April 2022:  Mark Vinocoor

May 2022:  Cathy Ferrone & Bob Grella

Leo of the Year:  Fannie Fouron

Melvin Jones Fellows

  • Scot Kudcey
  • Veronica Lamb
  • Pattie Somers

Melvin Jones Fellows

  • Augustus “Gus” Arns
  • Stanley Borgeson

Lions of the Year

  • Jim Howarth
  • Veronica Lamb

Rookies of the Year

  • Jim Baker
  • John Tracy

Melvins Jones

  • Matthew Cioffi
  • Dennis Gutman

Lion of the Year –  Stan Borgeson

Rookie of the Year –  Dan Guerin

Lions of the Month

  • September 2017:  Scot Kudcey
  • October 2017:  Stan Borgeson
  • November 2017: Jim Abate
  • December 2017:  Rob Goodrich
  • January 2018:  Matthew Cioffi
  • February 2018: John Mallers
  • March 2018: Jon Morgan
  • April 2018: Dale Kerester
  • May 2018: Ruth Calvagne
  • June 2018: TBA

District 33S Year-End Awards

  • Best Extra Large Club
  • Best Club Website
  • President Award to Pattie Somers
  • Secretary Award to Matt Soeldner

Melvin Jones Fellows

  • Ken Love
  • Mark Ingalls

Lion of the Year – Gus Arns

Our club works because we have a mix of old-timers with know-how, members who make our events fun, and younger members with lots of energy.  There is one member that I feel fills all these attributes. This Lion has been with us for more than 15 years.  Is multi-talented, has a love for animals, be it dogs, cats, or turkeys, has the strength of an ox, plays a mean trombone, has organized and co-chaired our annual Rein-Dog Parade for, I think, at least 14 years and has been a fixture at the Thrift Store since I can remember.  No matter what comes his way, Gus Arns always has a “we can get this done” attitude.  At the Thrift, he always shows up from set-up to take-down and makes sure things get to where they need to be.  He’s also great chatting with customers, as he always has a story to tell.  I’d also like to Thank Nancy for letting us have Gus along for the ride.  Thank you, Gus, for your service to our Club and the community. As an added token of my appreciation, I’d also like to honor Gus with a Lions Clubs Centennial Commemorative silver dollar proof coin.  This coin has a picture of Melvin Jones and the Lions Clubs logo on the front and a family of lions with a globe behind them on the back-side.

Rookie of the Year – Andrew Parker

So many of our new members have been active this year it was a challenge to just pick 1 rookie. But there is one Lion that I felt went above and beyond this year. Even before becoming a Lion, you’d see him with Kevin McIntyre helping-out at the Thrift Store. In October, he became a regular fixture at set-up and take-down, lugging the heavy stuff always with a smile on his face. He was also a huge help Auction weekend and especially efficient at getting the thank you letters out in short order. Most of all, he’s become our voice on Twitter, sharing our six-word stories and promoting our events as they happen. Since taking over in December we’ve averaged from 3 to 7,000 impressions per month and have over 550 followers. With all that, I’d like to thank Andrew Parker for his work both as a Lion and a fellow alternative track Librarian. To help keep the twitter feed fed, I also found a thrift store treasure for Andrew. The book titled “The Tao of Pooh” which explores the principles of philosophical Taoism.

Lions Family of the Year
John, Tammy, Julie, J.C., and Jared Mallers

Almost weekly, you can find John Mallers driving down Main Street with his truck loaded to the brim going to the Thrift Store. Along with him you’ll almost always find 1 or 2 other Mallers along for the ride, most likely Jared or J.C. ready to move the heavy stuff in. On the weekdays, and some Saturdays, you’ll find his daughter Julie helping Ruthy to get the 2nd-floor ready for customers. You’ll also find them at our many events helping move tables and set-up equipment for the day. His wife Tammy is always on call, especially for those big house clean-outs and most importantly, Tammy supplies us with the delicious coffee cake at our auction each year. For these reasons, I want to thank John and his family for being a part of our Lions family.

Lions of the Month

August 2016 – Cathy Ferrone and Greg Murphy
Cathy and Greg joined the Lions in 2015.  They were recognized for their dedicated work at the Easton Lions Thrift Store, and the creation of new signage to let folks know we are open and have 3 floors open to the public.

September 2016 – Michael Pietrowski
Mike joined the lions in 2011.  He was recognized for his work with Stonehill College and the Auction Committee to find a new home for our Club’s 31st Annual Charity Auction to be held March 5, 2017. Mike has been key to laying the groundwork for our new location.

October 2016 – George Mussari
George has been a longtime member since 1999.  He was awarded and recognized for his 12+ years of service with the Lions District 33S Eyemobile at all of our events.

November 2016 – Catherine Sutton
Catherine joined the Lions in 2016.  Catherine has jumped in giving her endless efforts and participation in all our Lions events this fall, and for donating funds for the Thrift Store tent. She took on each task with exuberance and a smile and showed the true heart of a Lion!

December 2016 – Jim Abate
Jim joined the Lions in 2016. He jumped in to lead the subcommittee for the Holiday Festival program book and ad sponsorships on very short notice and for providing his expertise to make it better.

December 2016 – Lynn Kingsbury
Lynn joined the Lions in 2014. She took our raffle baskets to the next level at the Holiday Festival and for her drive to get sponsors and raffles at all our events.  Thank you for being an outstanding Lion.

January 2017 – Andrew Parker
Andrew joined the Lions in 2016.  As our new Chief Lion Tweeter Andrew increased our monthly impressions by 20 fold, garnering over 4,000 in two short months. He also has been a welcoming new lugger and tugger at the Thrift Store!!

February 2017 – Marilyn Henderson
Marilyn joined the Lions in 2007 and has always been an outstanding solicitor in getting great items for our annual Charity Auction. This year she is our Auction Solicitor Extraordinaire, reaching a personal best in total donations, over $8,000, and for her service as a Lion at all our events and in our community.

March 2017 – Dale Kerester
Dale joined the Lions in 2005 and has been a member of the Auction team for many years.  This year Dale took the reins of our Auction Team! He lead us by example, listened to our ideas, and was not afraid to embrace change and inspire us to do more!

April 2017 – Ed Hands
Ed joined the Lions in 2013 and was honored for being instrumental in bringing new ideas to our Club like our new Fishing Derby, being our Club historian and for making the Thrift and Grange a safe & welcoming place to work. Thank you, Ed, for making our 85th year a memorable one!!

May 2017 – Ruth Calvagne
Ruth joined the Lions in 2009 and received the Melvin Jones Fellowship in 2015. Ruthie was honored for her endless days she spends, week-in and week-out at the thrift store, rolling with the changes, organizing and moving stuff again & again. She’s also known as our prolific Can Lady, honorary Tail Twister when ever we need her, and for being generous to others in need in our community throughout the year!

Special Award – Easton Lions Chief Recruiter Extraordinaire
May 2017 – Avery Lee Williams
Lee joined the Easton Lions in 1979, when Joe Carvalho first recruited him. Since then, Lee has invited over 275 new members into the Easton Lions, with 227 members serving more than a year. In the last two years, Lee sponsored over 40 new members and is well on his way to getting the Lions International Global Key. Thank you Lee for your perseverance!!

Other Awards

  • Best Extra Large Club in District 33S
  • President Award to Matthew Cioffi
  • Secretary Award to Matthew Soeldner
  • Highest Donation to MLERF for year: $41,782
    Total all-time donations now over a half-a-million dollar: $501,060

Melvin Jones Fellows

  • Ed Pires
  • Marilyn Cyr

Rookie of the Year – Pratima Penumarthy

Lions of the Year

  • Jack Cummings
  • Matthew Cioffi

End of Year Awards

  • Best Club in the District 33S
  • Most Outstanding Club Secretary – Matthew Soeldner
    (3 years in a row! 2014-2016)
  • Highest Donation to MLERF for year: $50,572
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