Easton Lions Member Pattie Somers

President’s Message – December 2017

Happy New Year!!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and all you hold dear.  May everybody you love stay healthy and content throughout the new year.

Thank you all for making the Easton Lion’s Club a wonderful organization.  I am so proud of all the service that our club provides to our community.  So –  Thank you!!

How do you respond to this thank you?

“Your welcome”?

What does that mean?  “Your welcome”?  Does that mean “oh – I did you a favor and now you owe me one”?

What if the reply was not “Your Welcome” but instead replied:  “ I know you would do the same for someone else”.

Instead of replying with a perfunctory “Your Welcome”, I ask you to consider to “pay it forward” in the future.  Do something to help someone else without any expectation of gain.

I see so many Lion’s members that are so deserving of our gratitude and who shun it.  They do not serve to get your thanks but I would bet they do expect that somewhere down the line that you will reciprocate by helping someone else.

Their character shines through and is welcoming the rest of us to look for opportunities where we can be of service to others.

My goal in this new year is to look at more ways to be of service to others.  I invite you to join me.

Happy new year.

Your servant,
Pattie Somers

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