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December 29, 2021

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Hey reader,

We thought you'd like to know there's been activity this week on the Easton Lions Club news blog, EastonLions.org/news. Scroll down for details...

If you have news, photos & video from an event, an article of interest to members, or would be interested in joining our news & web team, please send a note to Michelle McGee, our Club Marketing Communications Chair or Andrew Parker, our Club President. We're always looking for members to keep our blog and social media posts fresh!

See you soon!
The Easton Lions News & Web Team

Miracle on Main Street

Miracle on Main Street
Lions serve. It’s what we do. We know our community, what it needs, and what needs to get done. But as a group, the Easton Lions have had a problem telling the community what we did. Maybe that’s because service is selfless. And selfless is not about self-promotion. But we need to change that proposition. Because promoting our service is …
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