Award Ceremony Easton Lions Peace Poster Contest 2017 Winner 1st Place

Peace Poster Award Ceremony 2017

Congratulations to Alexa, Shaylyn, and Colleen

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This year’s LCI Peace Poster theme was “The Future of Peace” and we had over 40 artists from the Easton Middle School participate. Lion Lorri Ventura took the reigns of the contest back in the spring and help make our local Peace Poster contest a success this year.   Thank you very much Lorri for pulling this together! It was awesome!

At our club meeting on Novemnber 29th, we had the privileged of honoring this years winning artists, Alexa Scolaro, Shaylyn Harrington, and Colleen Mann.  Each year our club gets to pic the top three works of art in October.  The 1st place poster moves on to the district judging that occurs later in the month.  Our local winners receive awards of $75 for first place, $50 for second place and $25 for third place.  In addition to the monetary award, for the first time this year,  we also honored the winning poster by making it a part of our Holiday Festival poster and program book cover.

Below are photos from our awards ceremony and their posters viewed in the slide show at our November 29th meeting at the local VFW.

First Place

Second Place

Third Place