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Matthew Mission Visits Easton Lions

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The Lions Club would like to thank director Mark Cook of the Matthew Mission in Taunton for an outstanding and heart-warming presentation at our November 29th meeting.

The Matthew Mission is an outreach center for homeless people, located at the First Parish Church in Taunton, MA, where their mission is to help the homeless and those in dire need of assistance and support. Inside the mission is a warming center, continental breakfast station, an emergency food pantry and a place for people to come together. The Matthew Mission, is open Monday through Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. during cold months to allow homeless people to get off the streets, where temperatures can be well below freezing, and into a warm area. Not only are people warming up but they are also receiving the help they need to begin to get their lives back on track.

All are invited to visit the Mission’s Facebook page to learn more, reach-out and become involved in the mission.

The Matthew Mission Logo First Parish Taunton