Pile of soda cans ready for deposit return.

Update for Bottle and Can Drive Campaign

by Andrew Parker – First Vice President

Recently you may have read a fund-raising update from former International President Gudrun Yngvadottir which read in part, “this past year Lions started more than 300 Facebook fundraisers bringing in US$64,277.”  This works out to $215 per Facebook fundraiser.

Pile of soda cans ready for deposit return.

The Easton Lions did not hold a Facebook fundraiser. Instead we have reopened the Thrift Store, and we asked that members bring their recyclable cans and bottles to the Brockton Arc.  Over twenty members bought well over 5,000 cans and bottles to the Arc. Which means we raised more than the typical Facebook fundraiser.

And Suzanne Bump was chosen at random from persons bringing back recyclables and will be sent a $25 gift certificate for the Union Villa.

Congratulations Suzanne, and thank you to all of the Lions who helped. If you can, please keep supporting the Brockton Arc (and your Easton Lions) with your recyclables.”

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