Staying In Touch with GroupMe

Two smiling cartoon eyes layered on top of spider web covered in dew and LCI logo in corner.It’s truly amazing to see how quickly communications have changed in the past 20 years.  Remember when we used to walk down the street, knock on our friend’s door and talk face-to-face.  How about those old rotary phones?  Heck, in 1996 there was not even 911 (at least not in my part of Vermont).

How many of you remember using a “party line” with your neighbors?  Those were the days! Now we have cell phones, internet connectivity, instant chat and GPS enabled messaging that pings us with a coupon when we walk by a store.  Boy how quickly our world changes.

If you like the old “party lines” of yesteryear, check out an app called GroupMe.  It does that and more.  GroupMe creates a chat room where all members can talk with one another as a group or split off into private conversations when needed.

GroupMe works like texting but better.  You can create as many groups as you want.  You control how you get notified and how to participate.  You can mute the conversation and share images, video and emoticons.  I like it because it can put on hold while at work (stop those constant beeps), then in the evening I review what transpired during the day.

GroupMe is FREE and it works on all platforms, from standard internet connections to all smartphones/tablets operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows) at a level that SMS texting does not.  It also integrates with SMS texting for those that cannot download the app, though in a limited way.

Go to to learn more or find it in your devices App Store to download.  GroupMe can be a great new tool to stay in touch.

Remember, many Lions do not use smartphones, and some do not have email or internet access, so we still need to use our old phone and face-to-face methods to keep everyone up to date.  Use it wisely and see how it works for your group.

Please note, if you are not receiving club email messages, please let me know (Matthew Cioffi, or 508-897-9771). I will help figure out what the problem is.


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