Matthew Cioffi winter 2015-16.

First Vice President’s Message – Mar 2016

Matthew Cioffi winter 2015-16.

We had a great time last Wednesday evening with Rookies’ Night and a light agenda.  There was plenty of pizza and salad from Bills Pizza, and Tony set-up a great slide show from the Auction pictures he took; you can also see them on our Easton Lions Facebook page.

Items to Note:

Math Challenge June 25th: Pratima has set up a Facebook page for our new Math Challenge on June 25th,  We also have a landing page for the Math Challenge on our club website, that has the link and info.  We still need about 10-12 volunteers to help out.  Please email Pratima Penumarthy at or call her at 781-258-8238 to get details on how you can help.  We will need help before with publicity and the day of the event, particular focus on getting the information to tutorial businesses, schools and where youth/parents will see it.  You only need a willingness to help out and do NOT need to be good a math.  We need your help to make this event a success.

Thrift Store: We will be setting up an online staffing form where Lions can sign-up for particular time slots and days at the Thrift Store.  Ruthie and Jack need to have a better idea of who will be volunteering so we know when we need to push out a call for help.  More on this will be posted soon.  The focus will be on the 25-30 Lions already on the Volunteer list.  Thanks you all for putting in time at the Store.



Matthew Cioffi

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