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It is a sad day when a Lions Club folds.  Last month, after 68 years as a Club, the Yorktown Lions Club in Indiana, which was down to five members, suspended operations.

The Easton Lions Club is a massive Club.  We have 171 members entering the 2022-2023 Lionistic Year.  We are huge.  In membership… in fundraising… in heart… in Lions Clubs International! (We were named best Club in the WORLD in 2008!)  But our Club is just one of 48,000 in the world.  (Yes, we were named best out of 48,000+!)

Our Club belongs to Multi-District 33 which makes up the state of Massachusetts.  In that District we belong to District 33S which is one of 5 districts in the state.

Brockton Lions Club

Outgoing Easton Lions Club President Andrew Parker presents Incoming Brockton Lions Club President Donna Frett with the MD33S Best Secretary Small Club Award at the Lions Club Thrift Store

Our neighbors at the Brockton Lions Club are holding their Installation on Monday night July 11th at 6:00pm at The Gallery at Enso Flats, 50 Centre St, Brockton 6:30 pm. Parking is available after 6 in the municipal lot across from BFC Boston Fried Chicken.  All are welcome to attend as Donna Frett is sworn in as President!

Easton Lions at last year’s Bowling League

The Brockton Lions Club is again holding their Summer Teams Bowling League. To join in the rolling fun contact Michelle at info@eastonlionsclub.org.

East Bridgewater Lions Club

You can kick off the new “Lion Year” for the East Bridgewater Lions by purchasing a “Lions Club Donut” any time in the month of July at the East Bridgewater Honey Dew located at 475 North Bedford St. All proceeds will benefit the local charities of the East Bridgewater Lions Club.

PURPLE: stands for loyalty to friends and to one’s self, and for integrity of mind and heart. GOLD: symbolizes sincerity of purpose, liberality in judgement, purity in life and generosity in mind, heart and purpose toward humanity.”                                                – Lions International – 

Duxbury Lions Club

Marshfield Fair 2021 – Michelle McGee, Judy Jackson and Suzanne Bump serve hot dogs for the Duxbury Lions Club

The Marshfield Fair runs from Friday, August 19th to Sunday, August 28th this year. The Duxbury Lions Club are again selling hot dogs and are looking for volunteers. The Easton Lions Club has taken 3 spots again this year on the last day of the Fair, Sunday, August 28th from 12:00pm-4:30pm. If you’d like to join in the fun that day please email Michelle at info@eastonlions.org.

Abington Lions Club

The Abington Lions Club will be selling refreshments at the Abington Summer Concerts this summer.  Concerts are held during the summer on Sundays from 6-8 p.m. at the Catherine and Joseph Nisby Bandstand.

Southeastern MA Paws of Comfort Lions Club

Are you a crafter? The Southeastern Mass Paws of Comfort Lions Club is looking for you!

Somerset Lions Club

The Somerset Lions Club’s 3rd Annual Online Silent Auction coming up starting at 12noon July 15th and ending at 7pm on July 24th. 

Open to all!  

Mattapoisett Lions…

… are participating in Harbor Days this month!  Schedule below:

Other Clubs in MD33-S…

There are more exciting things coming up in other Club’s as well… The Raynham Lions are participating in the Raynham Community Pride Day on September 18th and having a Golf Tournament on October 7th… The Plymouth Lions Club is holding their 13th Annual Thirsty Pilgrim Beer Festival on September 10th & 11th… The Rehoboth Lions are holding a Cigar Night on August 26th that will include a five-course meal and cigar smoking with raffles all evening as well as their Golf Tournament on October 15th… headed to the Cape this weekend? The Sandwich-Bourne Lions are holding a White Cane Day this Saturday July 9th from 8am-12pm at the Dunkin’ Donuts at the Sagamore Bridge… The Westport Lions Club is getting ready to perform vision screening in the schools August 29th-31st and planning their semi-annual Blood Drive in October…

Regardless of where you’re from or where you go you will find Lions Clubs all over the world doing the work that Lions do… serving. So, if you’re on your way out of town this summer check the local Lions Clubs in that area and see how you can support them…

From Dan Ferguson: “I came across this sign and saw a photo opp😎 for my Lions fellow members”

Our very own Dan Ferguson was working down in Louisiana last September to work on Hurricane Ida for an Electric Company restoring power. Crews came from all over the country. They were there for 6 weeks. It was over 100 degrees most days! Dan snapped this photo to share!

If you are out and about and come across a Lions event… sign… or anything else… send a photo to info@eastonlions.org and we will post it on our website!

Easton Lions Club…

A lot goes on here right in our own backyard too… 

Upcoming ELC events:


From Lions Clubs International:

“When caring people join together, roll up their sleeves and take action to make their community better, it’s a beautiful thing—and an incredible feeling for everyone involved. That’s Lions. Being a Lion is about leading by example, building relationships and improving the world through kindness. It’s 1.4 million caring men and women serving together so they can make a lasting impact and change more lives.

“Whenever a Lions Club gets together, problems get smaller and communities get better.  That’s because we help where help is needed – in our own communities and around the world – with unmatched integrity and energy.”

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