Lions Junk Day – Saturday April 25

Easton Lions Junk Day will be held again this year along with the Town’s Hazardous Waste Day on Saturday , April 25th from 8am to 12 noon at the DPW on Center Street.

            The Lions will be accepting Refrigerators, Stoves, Washers, and Dryers for $25.00. Air Conditioners, Dehumidifiers, T.V’s, Computer Monitors, and Water Heaters for $20.00. Bikes are $5.00. Metals, furniture & other household items will be priced accordingly. Sports equipment is no charge! For reasonable donation the Lions will even come to your home or business and carry the items away!

            For pick-up and other information, contact Henry Narsasian at 508-269-7181.

Each April, in coordination with the State and Federal Earth Day and Environmental Week, Henry Narsasian coordinates the efforts of the Easton Lions Club with the town’s Department of Public Works, and (beginning in April 2009) with the Easton Police Department, in what is known, lovingly, as “Junk Day.”

This town-wide effort to reduce/eliminate hazardous waste and materials from garages, barns, attics, cellars, and storage units has been tremendously successful in many ways. The Easton Lions Club members work with the DPW in setting up the “recycling pathway” through the town’s central DPW facility. The town’s people make stops to drop off paints, oils, old gas grille tanks, tires, and other hazardous materials with DPW staff, and then make a last stop at the “Lions Gate” section where the Lions collect old air conditions, TV’s, computers, bicycles (some of which they are able to re-sell to town’s folk for $5.00), refrigerators, washing machines and dryers, stoves, metal cabinets, and furniture of all types. The Easton Lions make arrangements with waste disposal companies, who donate either trucks or much of the cost of the containers that are removed at the end of the day.

In 2009, the Easton Lions approached the Easton Police Department in adding the removal of hazardous waste in the form of prescribed narcotics and other prescription drugs that are housed in medicine cabinets and drawers and no longer needed. The Lions Club members are as concerned as the Town’s DPW and Police Dept. when it comes to the dumping of hazardous prescription drugs. The concern is that, in the dumping of these down toilets and sinks, these drug chemicals end up in the Town’s water table. Most homes in Easton use Town water, but many have their own wells. Also, the concern by the police department is that criminals committing breaking and entering would access these drugs. The result of this coordinated effort between the DPW, Police Dept., and Lions is that residents have filled as many as three barrels with discarded prescriptions – more than the police (or anyone) ever thought would be collected on one morning of one day.

The overall coordinated effort over the years has been a tremendous asset to the town. Not only are the hazardous wastes and materials – including drugs – disposed of properly, but 100% of the money raised by the Easton Lions ( after disposal expenses are paid) is given back to the Town in the form of community services including scholarships and support for local organizations like the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Brownies, Cub Scouts, Baseball teams, junior and senior high school sports teams, homeless shelters, and a myriad of other organizations who seek support or donated to Eye Research. The Easton Lions have raised as much as $13,000.00 in a four hour period, on one day, with over 556 (highest recorded number) residents in their cars, trucks, and SUV’s lining up to participate by bringing their hazardous wastes and materials to this approved site. (That’s about 139 cars per hour!)

We would again like to thank Waste Management for donating the use of their dumpsters for this event!  This donation allows us to support many local community causes.