Giving One for the Gipper – Matt Soeldner

I love my beard, because I hate shaving! You wake up in the morning, haven’t had your coffee, are heading to a job that you hate and have a sharp instrument in your hand, sometimes the choice is hard. But, to help out the Admin Budget I am willing to sacrifice my beloved beard. For the small donation of $5.00 per ticket you could have the honor/privilege of removing said beard. Yes, we will be raffling off my facial hair, ever wonder what it is like to shear a sheep? Here is your chance to find out. We will have tickets available at the next meeting (May 13) up to installation night (June 10) when the drawing will take place. The unveiling will take place at the Annual Cookout in June, after we eat. So, buy early and buy often but remember this money is for the Admin Budget and only members of the club will be able to participate.

We could really raise some money if others would like to join in. I bet in two months some of you could have a nice beard or mustache going.