Leo Club

Oliver Ames High School Leo Club of Easton

Leadership • Experience • Opportunity

Leadership, experience and opportunity, the values embraced by the Leos, are just a few of the rewards young people gain from participating in Leos. Over 160,000 young people in 140 countries are proud to volunteer to serve their local communities and to call themselves Leos. Youth who join Alpha clubs (ages 12-18) have fun, make new friends and experience the rewards of serving others. Omega clubs (ages 18-30) help members further develop their leadership skills and prepare them for a lifetime of community involvement and contribution to society.

The Easton Lions Club proudly sponsor the Oliver Ames High School Leo Club of Easton.  Matthew Soeldner is the Lions point-person to the Leo Club and advises the Leos on service opportunities and connections to the district and international organizations. Leo clubs provide youth with volunteer opportunities and are also a place to grow and have fun.   Find out what Leo clubs around the world are doing now.



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