Easton Lions Auction Car 2018-1972 Volkswagen VW Beetle Convertible - Refurbished

Weekly Update – March 30, 2018


Auction Clean-up

Two important tasks that remain:

LAWN SIGNS: If you have any lawn signs, auction or holiday festival, please bring them to John Mallers’ house at 186 Main Street this week.  Leave the signs next to his back entryway.  We need an accurate count of how many are left to plan orders for next year.

AUCTION POSTMORTEM MEETING [Apr 8]: A very important auction debrief meeting on Sunday April 8, 2018, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm, at Stonehill College’s Martin Center, (to the left of the Shields Science Center where we held the auction). We hope you will join us.  We need feedback about how things went (good and bad) for this year’s auction and need suggestions on improvements and transformations for next year’s event.  Bring your ideas, we need everything on the table to make our events better.  If you cannot make the meeting, contact Dale Kerester, dale@LLSLEX.com  or 617-454-4035 (work), 617-835-3542 (home).

Easton Lions Auction Car 2018-1972 Volkswagen VW Beetle Convertible - Refurbished

State Convention

DELEGATES: We are looking for 16 Easton Lions to serve as delegates to this year’s 90th Annual State Convention for theMassachusetts Lions Multiple District 33.  Names of delegates need to be in by April 9th.   It is being held:

Friday April 27 – Sunday April 29
Holiday Inn, Mansfield/Foxborough

The cost to register is $5.00 and this allows you to attend many of the events. There is the Youth Speech Finals, the All State Band will be performing.  There are business meetings on both Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday we will be voting in the newest slate of officers in our District. Please view and print the attached registration form for the convention.  They also have rooms and meals available for an additional cost.

SALES TABLE: The club will again have a sales table to raise money for our club. Last year we did this for the first time and raised just $400.  We will also be doing a raffle to help raise funds for our Admin fund. If you have an extra gift card or would like to donate a few dollars to the purchase of either gift cards or lottery tickets please let me know. Thank you.

Remember, let old Matt know if you would like to be a delegate by April 9th.

Secretary Matt Soelder’s email is fozzie215@yahoo.com or call 865-382-3888.