“We Serve” – President’s Message from President Abate

Ron Handverger presents IPP Andrew Parker and the Easton Lions Club with a gift from Washington DC in recognition of the Club’s 90th anniversary – an American flag that flew over the nation’s capital

Rarely have Americans been so divided on what their country stands for as on the 246th anniversary of
independence, and as Lions we must be an example of how difference and diversity doesn’t mean
divided, it means strength.

Lions are united in their diversity of ideas – this means that there are many ideas within The Lions that
we may not always agree with each other on, but it does mean that we can learn from each other’s different perspectives, helping each individual understand how others think or feel about particular
issues or problems, helping them come up with new ideas, better perspectives.

The Lions, like our nation, are stronger together than apart. We are the United States.  We are united by the same principles that brought our forefathers to this land: freedom and equality for all, regardless of race or religion. We are Americans.

Lions are united in their diversity, so it is possible to be both different and united. We are Lions.
This is what makes us great.

Our founding documents speak of a more perfect union and a government that answers to the will of
the people:

With the signing of the Declaration of Independence, they declared America to be a nation whose
people were entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The great men who founded our
country believed that all men are created equal. Their words ring true today as we celebrate this great
country’s 246th birthday!

The Constitution is the oldest and most enduring constitution in the world, having been written by our
Founders over 225 years ago with an eye toward protecting individual rights from abusive governments.
The Constitution was written with an understanding that each generation would need to continue
refining its meaning for their times, which is why it has been amended 27 times since its adoption in

We believe this history shows how important it is for us all – regardless of party affiliation – to come
together now and work toward finding solutions that benefit everyone in America. The Lions are
one of the examples America needs.

We are all one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all! This is what makes us special
in the world; this is our mission statement as a country: To protect personal freedoms while holding
together as a nation through unity of purpose and shared values.

What makes The Lions special in the world is our mission statement…WE SERVE!

By President Jim Abate, 2022-23

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