Thrift Store Update

The Thrift Store Committee met this week to discuss current operations. Due to the current rates of infection in Easton and in surrounding communities that provide the bulk of our customers the Committee decided to table any discussions of when we will reopen for general business until mid-March. 

However, just because the Thrift Store will not be open for business each Wednesday and Saturday does not mean we are not working. The store is still operational – just not in the traditional way.

A handful of volunteers led by Ken Love and Mark Vinocoor have had success selling large ticket items on-line. They have been selling appliances, and furniture through Facebook and websites like Offer-Up and Craig’s List.

So we are putting out a call to Easton Lion’s Club members: if you have working appliances, good furniture, or unusual (but valuable) items that you could donate to the Club please contact Ken, Mark V, or Mark Ingalls, or leave a message at the Store. We will mask up, go to your house, socially distance, and take back to the Store whatever large items that we can sell on-line. This will help keep the Club charitable revenue stream active, and get a jump on your spring cleaning.

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