This Week at the Thrift… 11/19/22


The Thrift Store is brimming is with activity and merchandise!  So come on in and shop til you drop!  We are OPEN from 10am-2pm (donations accepted until 1pm) and there’s LOTS “in store”!!!

Look at the Showroom Floor

Come check out our sale prices!

Featured Item of the Week!

This week’s Featured Item of the Week is…

Pretty display for the Holiday!

Did you know that every week the Thrift Store offers a Featured Item of the Week? These items are brand new, or like new, quality donations at a fraction of the retail price! This pretty display would retail for over $30 at Kohl’s or Home Goods… here at the Thrift Store you’d pay $15… BUT! FOR ONE DAY ONLY…. this set is on sale for a low, low price! Come get it while it lasts!


Prices will not be quoted.  You must come in to the store to price and purchase.  First come, first served.  You may not hold, reserve or request Featured Items of the Week.  You may not purchase Featured Items of the Week by phone, email or post.  You must come in and purchase Featured Items of the Week on Saturday between 10am-2pm while items last.  NO EXCEPTIONS!]

Raffle of the Week

This week’s Raffle Item is…

Raffle Item of the Week: Fondue Set

Tickets are $1. Raffle runs the 4 hours we are open only, so chances to win are very high! For every $10 you spend at the Thrift, get one FREE raffle ticket!

Need a Jacket for the Season?

Holiday Cheer!

Operation Shoebox

Support Operation Shoebox

Tomorrow the Thrift Store will be collecting items to send to soldiers who are on active duty, but also at home, in hospitals, homeless as well as veterans’ families.

Please bring any of the items listed above to the Thrift Store to donate to Operation Shoebox. All items will be given to those who serve. (If you have a friend or loved one who could benefit from receiving a Shoebox, please email with the name and address and we will be sure they receive a box.)

And another thing…

M & M

Michelle M & Markie V forgot to go Facebook Live last week, so tune in tomorrow! Stay tuned to the Easton Lions Club’s Facebook page… you will not want to miss this fun live event!

Because we always have fun at the Thrift!

(Like last week when our Lion Friend came in…)

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