The Power of Brevity, Six-word Stories

Two weeks ago, I asked for your help to tell a six-word story about why you joined the Easton Lions or something memorable about a Lions’ event or service you’ve done or received.  I’ve received some great stories from many of you, and there is definitely room for more.  So keep them coming!  If you have a story you’d like to share, send in to and I’ll be sure to send them along to Nancy Sullivan for our next newsletter.

Below is a sampling of what I have:

Marilyn Henderson

  • We serve, We work, We enjoy.
  • Lions, “Let the good times Roll”.
  • Good food, Good friends. Good times.
  • Work hard, accomplish much, Play hard.
  • Holiday Feasible, Auction, Golf Tournament, Meetings.
  • Learn, Grow, Show, Provide, Care, Enjoy!

Ken Love

  • Cornea transplants, prosthetics. Lions fight blindness!
  • Motto says it all: We Serve.

Rich Freitas

  • Liberty, Intelligence, Our Nation’s Safety… Always!

Lori Maver

  • We are Lions, “see” us roar!
  • Accomplishments, seen in others assisted success!

Bob Cunha

  • Successful Results= Team Efforts, Common Purpose.

Andrew Parker

  • Lions build community, and dine together.

Matt Soeldner

  • Thrift Store, three floors, great bargains.
  • Go to Chicago, celebrate 100 years.
  • Making a difference, being a LION.
  • Junk day, John Mallers, truck overloaded.

Nancy Sullivan

  • I’m so glad that Lions roar!
  • Lions work to make hearts smile.
  • Easton Lions are a special Pride.
  • Excellence: a natural habitat of Lions.
  • Lions’ Pride: Humble Acts of Kindness.
  • Friendship: natural in a Lions Pride.

Matthew Cioffi

  • Lee has my number! Lion Maybe?
  • Challenge: Friends find solutions, doing good.
  • Hey Matt, How can I help?

Avery Lee Williams

  • Charles Johnson had lost his sight.
  • I joined Lions because of Johnson.
This is the rest of the story:
Avery’s story is the one he brings on the road as a guest speaker at Lions Club meetings. It is a form of testimony about an old friend whom Avery brought to a cornea transplant that finally induced him to ask the Easton Lions if he could join. (He had been asked many times previously, but was not quite ready at those askings.)
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