Easton Lions Club History Logo, since 1931.

Easton Lions 1950-2015

Born in the Great Depression and forged by the challenges of World War II, the Easton Lions Club entered the Post-War era with seventy-two members in a town of just over 6,000. Over the next sixty years while the membership ebbed and flowed, the needs of the community would only grow. In 1951 you could still get a fried chicken dinner for under a dollar at Topsy’s Chicken Coop, one of the many restaurants where the Lions have met over the years. In that year the Lions hosted an Annual Child Welfare Night benefit. The club called in the assistance of the Brockton DeMolay and Rainbows to produce a musical featuring familiar tunes like…

Easton Lions Club History Logo, since 1931.

What’s So Great About the Easton Lions Club

By Marion Wingfield: Full confession, I write as a relatively recent member of the Easton Lions Club, where I serve as a liaison between it and the Ames Free Library. I can in no way be held to standards of objectivity because I have none. I am an unabashed fan of both organizations and couldn’t be more proud to belong to both.