Spreading the Word about the Thrift Store

by Matthew Cioffi

Contacting Area Realtors:

Avery Lee Williams is working to pull together a few good Lions who can help spread the word about the Easton Lions Thrift Store. The idea is to find avenues that can bring in good used items to the Thrift Store. We turn over lots of items each week, and the Thrift Store is our best fundraiser for the club.

The realtors are in a unique position and may be asked by folks moving to new locales where they can donate items they no longer need in their new homes. Lee and Matthew Cioffi have letters and business cards ready to go, Lee is testing the waters, and we just need a few more bodies to make this work. If you’d like to help, please contact Avery Lee Williams at RBC Wealth management, e-mail avery.williams@rbc.com or call 508-345-6544. You can also stop in at the Thrift Store Wednesday or Saturday for more details.

Sharing with Friends:

One of the best ways to get the word out about the Thrift Store is to let your friends and family know about us. We have a unique array of eclectic items for folks to discover and are always looking for good donations. We have business cards at the meetings and store if you want a bunch to share. We also have two websites you can share: www.EastonThriftStore.com and if you use Facebook invite your friends to www.FaceBook.com/EastonThiriftStore.

We accept and sell all sorts of items; from household accessories to toys, bike & games, clothing and bedding, furniture, tables, artwork/prints, and undiscovered antiques. 100% of proceeds benefit the local community, eye research and the restoration of the Grange. Call Harry Lynd at 215-407-6936 for more details or e-mail us at Thrift@EastonLions.org.