Snow Clearing at Yardley-Wood Rink & Skate Swap

by Matthew Cioffi:

Our Skate Swap went on as planned Saturday, January 24th from 8-2, but Center School skate party was canceled.  We sold a few pairs of skates and took the opportunity to stay ahead of the storm as we arrived early to get a jump on the snow before it turned. 1,000 thanks go to Patty and Stuart Dew (Tom Dew’s parents; Tom did the new patio this fall at the rink for his Eagle Scout project), and Lions Tina Souza and John Mallers for helping me clear the ice today from 7:30 until 12:30. It was arduous work but well worth the effort. Due to the cement-like consistency, we had to leave a line of snow separating the hockey side from the skating side.  Center School plans to reschedule the free S’mores and skate party for next Sunday and we will again hold our skate swap. Lets hope for cold and sunshine!