Reindog Parade Winners 2015

By Gus Arns & Lynn Cleveland, Chair

The Easton Lions announce the winners of the 2015 Reindog parade. The dog owners competed for the “Best Dressed Dog” and the “Best Dressed Alike,” (dog and owner). As always, the judges were put to the test. There were 33 dogs competing for the prizes.  This year, for an added attraction, “Finnegan”, a pig owned by the Matner family, and a 6 foot tall Dalmatian dog with Kevin McGrath in the costume were in the parade.  Kevin is associated with the Blue Dog Shelter in Brockton.

The winner of the “Best Dressed Dog” – 1st place was Dottie Commings and her dog Tippy. Second place went to Pam and Adrienne Vodraska and their dog Oliver Henry. Third place was won by Grace Goun and her dog Daisy.

In the “Best Dressed Alike” competition, first place was won by Genina Salvio and her dog Bruno. Second place went to Katie Gillespie and her dog Buster.  Third place was won by Hanna Jennings and her dog Little Ricky.

To be there in the staging area where the dogs and their owners gather, is really rewarding. The dogs and their owners get to meet one another. This year it was quite warm it added to the congenial atmosphere.