Pumpkin for Prez

It’s BACK!

An all new president… an all new name… an all new concoction… but the same old support from out local coffee shop The Beanery….

Fundraiser Coffee of the Week!

“The success of the Pumpkin for Prez will far surpass the measley pittance the Parker Lion brought in!”

~says one confident Lion!!

“There’s no way a pumpkin – president or not – can beat that cinnamony Parker treat!”

-A Lion who would like to maintain anonymity

The Beanery has joined with the Easton Lions Club in offering a delicious concoction of iced coffee, Buzz, pumpkin and vanilla, The Pumpkin for Prez is a fall treat you must experience! It comes iced… it comes hot… you pick the temp… let the Beanery pick the flavor… and the Lions pick up HALF of the proceeds of EVERY Pumpkin for Prez sold between Monday, October 3rd and Sunday, October 9th!

Take a selife of you & your Pumpkin for Prez and it will be featured on our website!

Send selfies to: info@eastonlions.org

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