President’s Message: July Board Meeting

The Board of Directors met tonight to vote on an operating budget for Lionistic year 2021-22.  Part of the agenda included adopting a schedule of meeting dates and affirming a meeting location.
The Board voted to uphold the decision to meet at the Easton/Raynham Track (Raynham Park) on Route 138 beginning September 8.  A full calendar will be posted in the coming days.
The decision to move to Raynham Park was not made lightly.  The Club has a long, shared association with the VFW and spent many productive years meeting at that building.  Regrettably, the Board had to factor health considerations into its decision making.  To quote one Club member, ‘these are not normal times.’  The Board has been positioned into making decisions that would be unthinkable in most any other year.
While the decision to move from the VFW is difficult, the decision to move to Raynham Park is merit-based.  In the wake of word last year that the VFW would be unavailable to our Club a Committee spent several months reviewing prospective locations. Raynham Park scored the highest of any facility visited. In fact, its zip code was its sole negative aspect.
The Easton Lions have been meeting for ninety years as of this coming October.  And while leaving the VFW will not be easy the location of our meeting space is less important than the overall mission: to serve the Community.
I would like to thank the following members (and former members) for their work over the past 14 months to secure us a meeting space: Jon Morgan, Ken Love, Lee Williams, Lori Maver, Michelle McGee, Stan Borgeson, Doc David Mudd, Jim Abate, Arlene Keach, Judy Jackson, and Don Tuck. Thank you also to Steve Shaw, Commandant of the VFW, and to Sue Roderick, and the Carney Family of Raynham Park.
Hoping for a successful, productive year.
Thank you for supporting your Club!
Andrew Parker
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