Lori Maver photo 2019 with Lions logo

President’s Message – July 2019

Greetings and salutations to all!

Thank you all for having the faith in me that I can lead this wonderful team of volunteers for the 2019-20 Easton Lions Club season.  I will do my absolute best to not let you all down!  I believe that together we can accomplish anything we put our minds to and that this next season will be exciting, fun and rewarding.

So, welcome to all past, current, new and potential club members.  Without all our members, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish all that we do for our community and the LCI.  The drive that I see in us to “DO” and to “SERVE” impresses me and I am amazed at our willingness and ability to operate as a TEAM – without individual agenda.  I am a firm believer in teamwork and have hopes of keeping this team together, growing our numbers and showing the community what a passionate and wonderful group of individuals we are!

Those who know me know, I am not one for many words.  But I am a firm believer that actions speak much louder than words.  I hope my actions will speak volumes more than my short notes to the club!   So, on that note; Welcome to the 2019 – 2020 Lions Club Season, lets have a blast doing what we do best!

With joyful gratitude,

Lori. M. Maver

President, Easton Lions Club (19-20)

Lori Maver photo 2019 with Lions logo
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