Lions Club International Chicago 2017

Officer Nominations 2017-2018

Lions Club International Chicago 2017The Nominating Committee met on March 1, 2017 and present the slate of officers for the Lions year July 2017 – June 30, 2018. These nominees are presented, in accordance with the by-laws, to the Board of Directors and general membership at their respective meetings on March 8, 2017, at the VFW Hall in Easton, MA.

The Nominees are:

  • President: Pattie Somers
  • Immediate Past President: Matthew Cioffi
  • 1st Vice President: Fran Clifford
  • 2nd Vice President: Ram Penumarthy
  • 3rd Vice President: Lori Maver
  • Secretary: Matthew Soeldner
  • Treasurer: Ken Love
  • Assistant Treasurer: Jason Parks
  • Dues Treasurer: Mark Ingalls
  • Membership: Rob Goodrich
  • Newsletter: Nancy Sullivan
  • Lion Tamer: John Mallers
  • Tail Twister: Joyce Tardito

1 Year Directors:

  • Dottie Fulginiti
  • Jill Hatfield
  • Steve Hoffman
  • Scott Kudcey

2 Year Directors:

  • Gary Fradin
  • Henry Mehler
  • Andrew Parker
  • Catherine Sutton