New Member Induction Ceremony 2017 – Pictures Needed!

New Member Induction for the Easton Lions Club April 26, 2017

New Member Induction – April 2017

On Wednesday, April 26th we had our first New Member Induction Meeting of 2017. I’d like to welcome in all of our new members this year, and we will have a few more new members added in before the year ends on June 30th. I am in need of photos from Wednesday’s meeting!! If you took pictures at the Induction Ceremony Wednesday, please send copies of them to me at

We’d like to publish the induction photos in our next newsletter and also an article in published in the Easton Journal announcing the new members.  In the next several  newsletters, I’d also like to put in  short bios and pictures of each new member, if you’re willing.  I’ve received a few so far, but would love to have more!  Send them to me adnd I’ll get them to Nancy for the newsletter.  I’m also asking Board Members for bios and pictures.  I think this is a great way to connect the faces with names and to get to know a bit about our fellow Lions.  To get you started on the Bio, think about these questions:

  • Why did I join the Lions?
  • What volunteer activities am I involved with (Easton or elsewhere)?
  • Do I work at/own a business?
  • What skills or hobbies am I passionate about.

Below is a list of our new members through April 26, 2017.

Again, welcome, we are so glad you are working with us in the Easton Community!

New Member Join Date
Patrick Hellen 2017-04-12
Gregory Strange 2017-04-12
John Trudnak 2017-04-12
Craig Barger 2017-02-08
Soeurette Comeau 2017-02-08
David Howe 2017-02-08
Stephen Marcus 2017-02-08
Michael Reardon 2017-02-08
Katherine Richards 2017-02-08
Richard Chmielinski 2017-01-11
Allan Harris 2016-11-09
Katerina Malone 2016-11-09
James Abate 2016-10-13
Deborah Brackett 2016-10-13
Bethany Fossella 2016-10-13
Ronald Handverger 2016-10-13
Ian Hobkirk 2016-10-13
Kathryn Kozak 2016-10-13
Joseph Kwiatrowski 2016-10-13
Lori Maver 2016-10-13
Andrew Parker 2016-10-13
John Varella 2016-10-13
Lorri Ventura 2016-10-13
Diana Richard 2016-08-10
New Member Induction for the Easton Lions Club April 26, 2017

New Member Induction – April 2017

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