Miracle on Main Street

Lions serve. It’s what we do. 

We know our community, what it needs, and what needs to get done.  But as a group, the Easton Lions have had a problem telling the community what we did.  Maybe that’s because service is selfless. And selfless is not about self-promotion.

But we need to change that proposition. Because promoting our service is promoting the fact that others can also serve.

The Easton Lions had a pretty good December.

We threw an awesome party, and over 1,000 people came out to celebrate the Holiday Festival.

We became sponsors of Boy Scout Troop 193 – helping keep that Troop together.  Without our becoming the sponsoring organization that thirty-member Troop would have had to disband.

Our Thrift Store sent the proceeds from a day’s sales to the Mayfield (KY) Lions Club, helping them help their community during a time of incredible need.

And we helped create magic on Main Street.

Bill’s House of Pizza reached out to the Easton Lions to help raise money for Kentucky Tornado Relief.  This went against the paradigm.  Lions raising money for Lions made sense.  Lions helping a private business raise money for another charity was service personified.  Truly selfless.

Michelle McGee and Sheri Anderson went to work and organized an outstanding event.

I walked into Bill’s at the height of the dinner rush.  The staff behind the counter were swamped with orders, smiling, and having fun.  Lions on site were making boxes, making deliveries, helping in every way – smiling, buoyant, and having fun.  In any other year I would have described the place as being filled with infectious energy.  This year it’s just energy.  But it was as positive a vibe as you could find anywhere.

Lions were working in their hometown for Kentuckians who had lost their own; they included Ed Pires, Claire Abate, Sheri Anderson, Jim Abate, Catherine Sutton, Jim Baker, Gary Fradin, Rob Goodrich, Michelle McGee, Suzanne Bump, Mark Vinocoor, and Michelle Kirk-Vinocoor.  Special people pitching in on a special night.

After the event, Joe Meawad, the owner of Bill’s House of Pizza, announced that he too would be sending the proceeds from his event to the Mayfield (KY) Lions Club.  

All told, the Easton Lions Club and Bills House of Pizza sent over $11,000 to the Mayfield Lions Club.

It turns out that service is also infectious.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and as they say in the Sanders Theatre: Welcome Yule! 

Here’s to a blessed season of peace. And an awesome 2022!

Andrew Parker, President
Easton Lions Club, 2021-22

Easton Lions Member Andrew Parker

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