Lions Pride Math Challenge Volunteers

By Pratima Penumarthy

Do you want to challenge your students to use their math skills in new and creative ways? – Math Competitions and contests can strengthen vital math learning skills in students of all ages.  In order to solve critical thinking questions, students workout their brains by reading and thinking carefully! Math contests will help students learn to be good problem-solvers!

The goal of The Lions Pride Math Challenge 2016, an annual mathematics contest open to all students in Easton, MA is to “provide a challenging, engaging mathematical experience that is both competitive and educational and to “stimulate enthusiasm and a love for mathematics, teach major strategies for problem solving, develop mathematical flexibility in solving problems, strengthen mathematical perception, foster mathematical creativity and ingenuity, and provide for the satisfaction and thrill of meeting challenges.

The competition will consist of 5 Levels that correspond with school grades:

  • 1st Grade and 2nd Grade  — Level 1
  • 3rd Grade and 4th Grade — Level 2
  • 5th Grade and 6th Grade — Level 3
  • 7th Grade and 8th Grade — Level 4
  •  9th Grade and 10th Grade — Level 5

Competition Date & Time

Contest day: June 25th 2016

Timing: 10:30 am 11:30 am (levels 1 to 3) 12:00pm am till 1:00 pm (Level 4 and level 5) Papers will be corrected that very day and winners will be announced within a week on Easton Lions website.

Immediate Volunteer help needed:

  • Any Lions who have some teaching/teacher assistant/paraprofessional experience would be helpful in scoring the challenge materials.
  • Lions to check registrations and monitor participants on June 25th. Approximately 12-15 Lions
  • Volunteers required advertising on Lions Website and creating capacity for registration.
  • Distribution of Flyers around Easton Town
  • Volunteers required making banners and display in school cafeterias.
  • Adverting in local newspapers like Easton Save.
  • Volunteers required for collecting Registrations, making contacts as needed, creating Awards and Certificates.
  • Arranging for long tables and chairs for contestants.
  • Possibly water and snacks

All Lions who are interested to volunteer are requested to send an email about their interest in this project ASAP!

For more information regarding Lions Pride Math Challenge 2016, please visit our website or the event Facebook page,

A little challenge can always inspire students who love math to greater achievement!

For Information & Questions please contact: