Lions Scholarships and Toolships 2016

2016 Scholarships Announced

By Jim Lee, Scholarship Committee Chair

Eight young and talented Easton residents each received a $1000 scholarship to support either college tuition or startup expenses for their career.  The two seniors receiving awards at Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School are Jeffrey Aldrich and Christopher Keenan.  At Oliver Ames High School the awardees are Carly Cidado, Michael Cioffi, Erin Fitzgerald, and Jared Mallers.

In addition, with the support of President Sullivan and the Board of Directors, two scholarships were given to students who did not attend schools in Easton:  Collin Barker and Max Fioriti.

In addition to outstanding academic achievement, each of these young Eastonites volunteered countless hours in support of local and regional nonprofit organizations.

Thanks go to the members of the Scholarship Committee for their service in making very difficult choices among many deserving applicants: Ed Hands, Rob Goodrich, Ray Morrell Henry Narsasian, Bill Palmer, and Alan Siegel.

Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School News Release:

Though many high school students are unsure about their future even upon graduation, Jeff Aldridge isn’t one of them.  The Easton resident has always known what he wanted to do – work in a trade.

Now as a graduating senior, Jeff has proven to be an exemplary student in HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning).    His teachers say he has done extremely well in his shop, and has also done a great job in a co-op, working as an assistant technician for ARS of Boston, a HVAC repair and plumbing service.   He plans to work full-time at ARS after school ends. “I find the work interesting, and I like having the ability to do the work.  My job involves some physical strength, but also a lot of technical skills,” he said.

Though his first reason for coming to Southeastern was to get trained in a trade, he has also enjoyed the social aspects of the school.   He has felt right at home in both vocational and academic classes.  “I like the atmosphere.  Everyone gets along really well and they’re really friendly,” he said.

Along with other members of his class, Jeff has already gotten several certifications and licenses, which have set the stage for his career.  He has an apprentice’s license, which allows him to work under supervision, and an EPA license, which allows him to handle refrigeration.    He eventually wants to work as an HVAC technician, with a license to handle refrigeration, gas filters and sheet metal.