Lions Club Annual Pizza/Pool Party

About five years ago the great Henry Narsasian invited the Easton Lions to his back year for a mid-summer Pizza/Pool Party, and a tradition was born.  This year, IPP Lori Maver continued the tradition by sending out an invitation – and over forty Lions ended up sharing food, conversation, and tent space during yet another 2021 rainy night.
Many Lions Clubs across the country – around the world – would love to have 40 members attend any event. 
And forty Easton Lions showed up to eat pizza in the rain.
Thank you to Henry Narsasian for creating the Easton Lions Pizza/Pool Party. Thank you to Lori Maver for your hospitality in letting us crash your yard.
And thank you to the members of the Easton Lions Club for showing up to prove once again that we are a fortunate group, indeed.
Go Lions!
Andrew Parker
President  2021-2022
Easton Lions Club:  90 years of service to the community
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