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Legacy Project Updates: Smith Farm & Ali’s Park

by Matt Cioffi (Immediate Past President)

In the last two years, the Easton Lions have supported two community Legacy Projects as part of Lions International Centennial Celebration.  Below is a short progress update on our two major Legacy Projects:

Ali’s Park of Easton Dale (2016)

In 2016, we donated $8,000 for the basketball court at Ali’s Park of Eastondale on Pine Street.  This spring, D.W Rose Parking Lot Line Painting did the lines on the new court.  The whole park is looking great and has a lot of activity from the community.  If you get a chance, swing by Pine Street and check out the playground, it’s a wonderful new addition to the neighborhood. The Easton Lions Name will be place at the court thanking us for our donation. Visit Ali’s Park Facebook page to learn more.

Smith Farm Renovation (2017)

In 2017, we donated $10,000 to Smith Farm at Borderland to provide the seed money to kick-start the renovation of the old farmhouse. We joined forces with Lion Avery Lee Williams, who put in another $10,000, to start a Legacy Challenge Grant that raised over $40,000 for the project.

Because of our efforts, they were able to get CPA money to finish the exterior of the farm this year, and due to the success of last year’s Lions Legacy Challenge, were able to conduct their very first Open House on May 12th from 9-4 for Massachusetts Preservation Month. We’ve had them before for informational purposes but couldn’t let people in due to the condition of the interior. This is the first year that they could let people in and conduct tours, showing the proposed layout of the rooms.  They are now in phase two, and have a golf tournament fundraiser June 4th.  Check out the details in the flyer images below, visit their Facebook page or take a walk down the path to see the progress.  There will be a room in the farmhouse named after the Easton Lions Club when it is completed.

Thanks you all for your efforts the last two years with the Centennial Legacy Projects.  We are fortunate to have such a giving community to enable the Lions to support major community projects in Easton.  I hope we will continue to support Lions legacy projects in the years ahead, improving our community for generations to come.  Remember:

“Where There’s a NEED, There’s a LION!”

Smith Farm t Borderland

Smith Farm t Borderland Golf Tournament