Lee Williams Community Service Award

Kevin Williams, Hazel Varella and President Andrew Parker
Written by:  President Andrew Parker
The Easton Lions Club, in conjunction with the Kevin Williams and the Williams Family, recently presented the first annual Lee Williams Community Service Award. Citing meritorious service to the Easton community, the 2022 award was presented to Hazel Varella at the Easton Historical Society and Museum. 
As part of the award Kevin Williams donated $5,000 to the Easton Historical Society.
It is anticipated that the Lee Williams Community Service Award, a joint project of the Easton Lions Club and the Williams family, will annually recognize an individual who has impacted the Easton community either through the body of lifetime performance, or outstanding individual achievement.
The Easton Lions Club is grateful to Kevin Williams and the Williams family for the opportunity to continue to honor the memory of Club member Lee Williams and the community he loved.

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