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Last Call for Board Nominations for 2018-19



LAST CALL for Nominations for next year’s Board of Directors

E-mail Matthew Cioffi, I.P.P.

Have a Voice in our Club’s Future!

The Nomination Committee for next year’s 2018-19 Club Board of Directors is meeting one final time early next week.  We’re looking for a person to step into our presidential track as Vice President.  This is one of the most rewarding positions on the Board, learning all aspects of how our club works.

We’ve a good pool of members for the 2-year BOD, Assistant Treasurer and Newsletter/marketing positions, but would be happy to have your hat thrown in too!  With that said, we always need help on subcommittees on the board, especially with Membership and the Newsletter and Marketing/Publicity.  It takes a team to make our club a success and we need your help!

So if your interested, willing to jump in and take on a bigger role, we’re here for you!  Contact any of the committee members below for more info.

We Serve!

Matthew Cioffi, I.P.P. at  508-897-9771

Pattie Somers, President 508-944-0989

Nancy Sullivan, 508-941-2506-cell, 508-238-2015-home

Dennis Gutman, 508-238-1471

Kevin McIntyre, 508-238-9762

Bill Palmer,  508-517-6668

Email Matthew Cioffi