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Now more than ever, kindness matters.

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Over 1.4 million Lions in 47,000 clubs around the world are making a difference showing kindness to others in their communities at home, helping neighbors, and making life better for the people we serve. “Kindness Matters” is also the theme for the 2018-19 Lions Peace Poster and Essay Contests.

Kindness matters to Lions in China.   Mrs. Chi is a lot like many elderly neighbors in Easton that live alone.   She needs a little help—and a little company—on occasion. And the Dalian TaiYang Lions Club in China is happy to provide both. But some occasions are more special than others.

On her 93rd birthday, Lions traveled to her village of QuanHua to help her celebrate. “I’m so touched by the things that Lions have done to help me when I needed it most,” she said.

Because kindness matters to neighbors like Mrs. Chi.

Take a moment to visit a neighbor.  Grab a fellow Lion, a new member, or a friend, and show them what it means to be a Lion.

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