Hearing Foundation – District 33S

By Mike Melley

Lions District 33S Hearing Foundation.

I’ve been asked to write a short article about the hearing foundation when in fact I could write pages on these extraordinary group of lions.

Let me tell you a little bit about how the hearing foundation works.  We meet once a month throughout the year.  We are located at Morton Hospital in Taunton, Ma.  There we work with the hospital audiologists in setting up hearing exams and hearing aid fittings for our applicants.

We receive applications sent to us from District 33S lions clubs and all applications are reviewed by the board of directors using the current federal poverty guidelines.   It is a great credit to all the district lions clubs that we have a 95% approval rate.

The board of directors is chaired by the second vice district governor, Sharon Audette. Members include PDG Ray Moreau, Gretchen Olney, Terry Berard, Nadine Martin & Janice Melley.  When you meet these fellow lions, please give them a warm smile and thanks for a job very well done.

As my time on the board of directors comes to a close, I wish to express my appreciation to them and all the lions clubs for your support.

I also wish to thank all the district governors and vice district governors for their support over the past 6 years.

I also especially want to thank the audiologists at both Morton & Spaulding Hospitals for all their work and guidance.  I owe them a great deal for all their help over the past 3 years.

Very Respectfully

Mike Melley, President
District 33S Hearing Foundation.  

For more information, please visit the District 33S website, e-district.org/sites/33s/page-12.php