Gus Arns Day at the Thrift

Gus Arns Lion Member
Easrton Lions Thrift Store with LCI logo

Saturday April 16, 2022, all proceeds from the Easton Lions Thrift Store will be donated to the Animal Protection Center of Southeastern Massachusetts in the name of Gus Arnss who was an avid animal lover and Head Dog of the annual Easton Lions Club Holiday Festival Reindog Parade.

Gus was honored as a Melvin Jones Fellow by the Club in 2019 and received the Lion of the Year award in 2017.  He was the first to welcome new members to the Thrift family, greeting our patrons with a smile, had unbounded energy and  know-how, and made working the Thrift as fun as ever.   Gus was multi-talented, not only did he have a love for animals, be it dogs, cats, or turkeys, he had the strength of an ox for lugging and tugging everything under the sun, and to beat all that he played a mean trombone, in several local bands.  

So please, come down and join us on Saturday the 16th and support the APCSM and the Easton Community in memory of Gus

Animal Protection Center of Southeastern MA-a golden lab dog with APCSM logo and message

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