General Club Meetings

Lions at dinner meeting

Over the past couple of months the Lions have been hard at work at their general Club Meetings working on many things!  Here are a few of the highlights! 

Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts pot grows ever larger!  It’s currently over $1,000! Congratulations to recent winners… Liam Grant… Steve Hoffmann… Joan Maver… and many more!

Lions Awards

Our President continues to offer inspiring and interesting remarks and present awards and commendations to Lions including Mark Ingalls… Cathy Ferrone… and more…

Leo of the Year

Leo of the Year was presented by Sheri Anderson at a recent meeting.

New Member Induction

This month has also brought some very special moments with new member’s Induction Night.

Five Point Openings

Thank you to the Lions who have participated in our Five Point Opening including Dottie Fulginiti, Dan Ferguson, Ed Pires, Ron Handverger, John Trudnack, Jim McSherry and many others.

IPP Lori Maver with the Thought of the Day and Lynn Kingsbury with the Invocation.

A recent thought of the day shared by Michelle McGee with the Lions Thrift Store in mind:

“Look around your environment.

Rather than seeing items are objects, see them as magnets for your attention.  Each object gently pulls a certain amount of your attention toward it.

Whenever you discard something, the tug of that object is released.  You get some attention back.”

~James Clear

Lions Reports

We have had some wonderful Lions presentations, reports, and updates from President Parker as well as Secretary Nancy Sullivan and 1st VP Jim Abate.

Welcoming Guests

And our guests and guest speakers have been absolutely riveting and captivating in their presentations.  Thank you to Katie Terino of HOPe, Jim Roth (for the MLERF video,) Joan Lundgren of OAMH among others.

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