From the Thrift Store: Thank You!

From Secretary, Matt Soeldner:

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you.

I want to thank all those who answered the call for help at the Thrift on 8/2218. I was pleasantly surprised as when I arrived I counted 11 Lions members.  Some left and came back, others helped for a few hours and still others came in the afternoon to help, all totaled 18 Lions. This is what we need to remain successful and more help will be need as the season turns to fall. John Mallers son plays soccer at Curry College, Fran’s daughter Field hockey up at St Anselms; I have a nephew playing football at West Bridgewater. Some of these games are on Saturdays and we will not be able to spend the day helping.  So please think of us if you have an hour or two to spare.  If you have kids or grandkids (teenagers, we are not a day care) driving you crazy, send them down. Do they need volunteer hours? We can provide them with those, as many as they need.

Thank you and hope I did not miss any:

Veronica Lamb, Joyce Tardito, Gary Fradin, Ram Penumarthy, Stan Borgeson, Andrew Parker, Gus Arns, Jack Cummimgs, Fran Clifford, Ruth Calvagne, Jim Howarth, Rob Goodrich, Lee Williams, Kitty Richards, John Watts, Lori Maver, Joan Maver, Jon Morgan and Paula Conner.

Thanks again.