Follicle Fundraising

By Matt Soeldner

How often have we said or heard people say “it seemed like a good idea at the time”. Well, with that in mind, it was with some trepidation that I pulled into the parking lot of the Easton Rod and Gun Club for the annual year end cookout on Wednesday night. There was one thought running through my mind as I was driving, “what was I thinking?”(PG version)  It was right after the Installation Night (thank you for the Melvin Jones) that my concerns started.  Of all the tickets that I sold, there was only one or two people who seemed really excited (overly excited) about the chance to shave me. The winning ticket is pulled and it is my worst nightmare, Fran Clifford had won. I was told (source confidential) that the plotting had begun in the parking lot of the Easton Country Club. I was to be double teamed by Fran and Debbie Lynd and who knows what was running through their evil minds.


The night has arrived and I had brought the WMD (Weapons of Matt Destruction). Time is ticking away Fran had mentioned that her boss was in town but she was being dropped off for a flight from Logan, she should make it. Deb was scheduled for meetings but hoped to slip away early. Well, no such luck, for a missed flight and not being able to sneak out early, cancelled Plan A. Add on to that we had no official photographer as Tony had to go to Maine. Plan B was hastily put into action when we called upon Lee Williams to auction off the chance to the highest bidder. I would love to say that the bidding was fast and furious but that would be a “lyin”.(did you see what I did there) Karen Castonguay was the high bidder and with some extra cash thrown in we raised an extra $61 for the Admin Fund which brings the total up to $331 raised. Thank you all. I believe that the real lesson learned is “screw work, the Lions are more fun.”