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Two smiling cartoon eyes layered on top of spider web covered in dew.

Two smiling cartoon eyes layered on top of spider web covered in dew and LCI logo in corner.

2014 was another busy year for our club and our website reflects that activity.  Every month there was always something happening to keep our content fresh and folks engaged. In September, we switched our club site to a .org domain, EastonLions.org, and enabled a mobile-friendly design making our information accessible on the go.  We’ve also been working hard on our social media front door, facebook.com/EastonLions, to keep people updated about all our events and activities. Keeping our web presence fresh requires behind-the-scene work by many people and the support of local businesses to help cover costs.

Mark Vinocoor has been the backbone in getting local businesses to monetarily support our web presence.  With his efforts and business prowess, he has enabled us to continually improve our site. This year he received website sponsor commitments ($300 each) from Personal Best Karate, Connolly Insurance, Creative World Children’s Learning Center, and the Law Office of Kevin G. McIntyre.

Sally Zussman, along with Mark, has been instrumental in pushing us to continually improve our web-based capabilities and content.  She set-up the template and structure our current site is now based-on.  It was Sally’s business connection with Kathy Shafer, owner of Cogent i-Solutions, that got us a substantial discounted rate for the annual cost of the web server space.  Kathy was critical in helping us troubleshoot and remove a virus infecting our site.

Dottie Fulginiti and Tia Famularo have been our Facebook go-to-masters, helping connect our club page with other networks and friends.  They have been the dominant players for our Facebook presence pushing out details of coming events and connecting us with others who would like to know about our events.  If you are on Facebook, facebook.com/EastonLions, please Like us, Follow us, and Share our posts on your timeline.

Recent work has been focused around our Charity Auction in February.  New this year is an online form for item donations, including a downloadable PDF form.  Like our club domain, the auction domain is now .org, eastonlionsauction.org.  Please drop by the auction pages, as they will be receiving frequent updates over the next 4 weeks as items come in!

In the coming club newsletters, I plan to provide updates of activity on our web sites.  Also, if you have an interest in helping out with our web content, please send me an email at info@test-easton-lions-34cc11.ingress-erytho.easywp.com.

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