Easton Lions Opens New YouTube Channel

YouTube log under Google multicolor logo
by Matthew Cioffi

Why do we need a YouTube Channel?

We have three reasons. First, our new Celebration of Easton Dinner and Online Auction in March will feature many videos prepared by ECAT.  These videos will highlight 10 or more community volunteer and service organizations in Easton! 

Second, I know we’ll have folks taking cell phone videos at our NEW Holiday event in December.  We’d like to collect those and feature them on our new YouTube Channel.  If you do, let me know through Bill Palmer at info@test-easton-lions-34cc11.ingress-erytho.easywp.com, and I help get them posted. 

Third, we need a simpler way to share videos with everyone, including friends, family, and folks spread-out around the world.  The YouTube links can be used on our Club pages and shared out on Facebook.

Where to I find this NEW YouTube Channel?

Its on YouTube here, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJtDtda2N2AN1_lZwjk7oiw.  Click anywhere in this box to check it out.  There are only a couple videos there now; more to come soon!  One is a promo from Lions International used in last year’s auction, and the other is the Peace Posters slide show from last year’s Kindness Matters contest at the Easton Middle School.  Go there now to check them out.

I need your help boosting subscriptions!

Because this is brand new, we are assigned a random character string for our YouTube page name.  But this is only temporary, I hope:-)

Once we get over 100 subscriptions, it can be branded as EastonLions!  So, if you have a Google or YouTube account, or do not mind signing up, click the Subscribe button and image below.  This will bring you to the YouTube page with all our videos.  Share this out to friends and family and ask them to subscribe too.  Much more content to come in December and January!!!

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