Holiday Festival 2016 Easton Lions

Decoration Pick-up All Washed-Up

As you know, Lions are courageous – and our intrepid members proved that as we faced down Mother Nature on Saturday, 1/5/19.  Braving a cold, rainy day, our team showed up in strong numbers to make quick work of packing up the Holiday Festival displays.

My thanks go out to Jim Baker, Matt Cioffi, Richard Freitas, Ron Handverger, Jim Lee, John Mallers, Andrew Parker, Ram Penumarthy, Rick Tetreault, John Tracy and Steve Wilson.  A special note of thanks to David Howe, who provided a front-end loader and two of his crew to ease the process.  Jim and Nate expertly deposited the displays into the storage trailer, and David Looney drove the storage trailer back to its resting place.

Jon Morgan

Holiday Festival Chairman (Retired)