Club Web Calendar

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Where’s the best place online to find out about Club Events?

Our club publishes dates for our meetings and club events in several different locations on our Club Website. The complete list, by month, is in the Club Calendar which can be opened from the main menu, “Calendar” above.  Example circled in Red below.

On our home page, the Coming Events section list events happening in the next 2 or 3 months with dates and times. This is found near the bottom.

The Notices section will often have information on the next major event our club is doing with additional important information.

The Club Newsletter is a good resource. It usually lists the coming events either in the Presidents Message, Save the Date box, or are the focus of articles in the issue.

We also utilize our Facebook pages, use links below, to help publicize events for the Club, Thrift Store and Yardley Wood Rink. If you use Facebook, please “Like” these pages to receive newsfeeds.


If you ever have a question about any club events, feel free to contact any of the club officers or send an email to or

Share the links with Friends & Family! If you’d like to help out with our web pages please contact Matthew Cioffi at