Build a Scarecrow Day Oct 28, 2017 Easton Lions Yardley Wood Rink

Build-A-Scarecrow Day 2017 at Yardley Wood Rink

If you have not had the chance to see all the cool scarecrows the kids and families built on October 28th, be sure to visit our Yardley Wood Rink Facebook page and take a look at the Build-A-Scarecrow Day 2017 Photo Album.

We had a great turn-out for the Easton Lions Build-A-Scarecrow Day at the Yardley Wood Rink. Beautiful weather, scary, fun, and creative scarecrows created by all the kids and families, over 25 along strung along Route 123.  We hope to have the press release of participants and all the awards next week.  For now, see if you can find Jim and Charlie in the photos below.