Asphalt Warriors!

Thank you John Mallers for initiating the maintenance to the driveway at the Grange, where we have our Lions Club Thrift! Acquiring the load of gravel from the Easton DPW to fill in our large potholes was a well needed project! A huge thank you to our DPW for supplying and delivering the greatly needed gravel!

The call went out for any able bodied members to come help spread this gravel and that call was answered! Thank you to every one of our volunteers for your hard work to get this complete! In our photo from left to right: Dan F. – Stan B. – John T. – Andrew P. – Donald S. – Dan G – Mark I. Off camera participants: Jon M. – Matt {old} – John M.

Great Job Guys!


Easton Lions repair the Thrift Store driveway.
Easton Lions repair the Thrift Store driveway/parking lot!
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