A Message from our New District Governor Bob Coluci

Fellow lions welcome to the new year as we continue to give back and fulfill our
passions of helping others. I think I have made every effort to build a great District Team
to work with you and answer all your questions. Feel free to contact anyone of us during
the year. I am excited to be your District Governor and leader. Our District is Awesome! I
hope we have fun this year while we get back in the saddle after covid and you work hard
to achieve your goals.
My Montreal Convention experience was one I will never forget finishing my DG
Training, being sworn in as DG and meeting fellow lions from all over the world. Our new
International President, Brian Sheehan, has a great motto “TOGETHER WE CAN” as it is all
about teamwork. My motto is “COMPASSION THRU SERVICE”
We have many goals this upcoming year and as always building membership has
top priority. You will be hearing more about Global Membership Approach as the year
goes on. My special goals are twofold. I want to get our name out there to the public to
let our communities know who we are and what we do. I have PDG Roland Grenier doing
marketing and publicity. I also want to push for Service Projects at the District, Region,
Zone and Club levels as this will attract new members and also provide member
satisfaction. I hope to have Zoom Meetings with the club presidents during the year for
round table discussions. We will also look into some Orientation sessions.
We need the push for LIONCON2023 Boston as funding and volunteers are needed.
Doing an International Convention is no small task as I witnessed in Montreal and there
were many problems.
For you information LCIF Campaign 100 surpassed its goal and ended up at
Looks like we reached IPG Martin’s and John Babb’s LCIF goals so if you run into
them they have a lot less hair.
Our first Cabinet Advisory meeting is August 30th at the Abington Senior Center.
More information to follow.
I would like to hear from all the clubs on what you expect or what help you need
from the district. The team is working for you. Please check the club visitation dates which
should be posted in this Newsletter and get back to CS Nancy Sullivan if the dates don’t
We need to be helping our fellow clubs who are struggling so please contact them
if that works. Zone Chairs are an important part of a DGs team and I would love to see
each club working with your respective Zone Chair.
Please get any information on Service Projects or Fundraisers in the Newsletters so
we can all appreciate what is happening in your club. If you have anything you want put
on the District 33S Facebook Page send it to me or PDG Sandy Fife.
We will do everything possible to get the Directory out quickly. Please make sure
club officers (PU101) have been entered on MYLCI for 2022-2023.
Thank you and KUDOS to IPDG Martin and his District Team for a great year!!! They
worked very hard.
I have lots of ideas and hope to be thinking out of the box. You will hear more in
future newsletters. The joke of this is I never had COVID and as I write this, I have the
honor of catching COVID in Montreal and I am sick.
LET’S ROCK THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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