A Double-Barreled Saturday

Every once in a while a busy Lions weekend becomes a REALLY busy Lions weekend.  Case in point: Saturday, May 1 when the Easton Lions had a double-barreled day, staffing both the Thrift Store, and Junk Day.

The Thrift Store, the Club’s largest, longest running, and most successful program was staffed a large group of regular volunteers including Lee Williams, Lori Maver, Mark Vinocoor, Ruth Calvagne, Lynn Kingsbury, Pattie Somers, Ken Love, Bob Grella, Jim ‘Dungeon Master’ Baker, Sheri Johnson, Jack Cummings, Sue Kelly, Joan Maver, and Mark Ingalls.  Two student volunteers, Joe N and Bryn R provided great help – and helped keep the average crew age just under 60 years – give or take a decade.

Meanwhile, Henry Narsasian led a slightly more motley crew of volunteers who helped breakdown and discard several tons of waste, discarded electronics, appliances, and recycled metal. Among those who helped were Stan Borgeson, Rich Chmielinski, Larry Dahlgren (who can break down metal better than any industrial shredder), Ron Handverger, Ed Hands, Amos Keddem, John Mallers, Jon Morgan, Greg Murphy, Artie Paquin, Andrew Parker, Ed Pires, Nancy Sullivan, Joyce Tardito, John Tracy, John Trudnak, Steve Wilson, and Henry Narsasian.

Several Lions, including Sheri Anderson, and Pattie Somers did double duty – hitting both the Thrift Store and Junk Day. John Mallers went one step further, helping at the store early, working Junk Day, then going back to mow the Thrift Store lawn at the end of the day.

All in all – it was a busy day for the Club.

The next double-barreled day is scheduled for … this coming Saturday when the Club will again be running the Thrift Store, and holding its annual Fishing Derby at Shovelshop Pond.

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