Yardley-Wood Rink

Fireplace and lean-to at Yardley-Wood-Rink.

Kids skating on Yardley-Wood-Rink.Through the winter of 2017, the Easton Lions Club worked for may years with Ken Wood to keep the Yardley-Wood Rink open for skating each winter, hosting scarecrow days, family fun canoe days & concerts at the rink next to Center School on Depot Street in Easton near the intersection of Center Street and Rt 123.  From it's inception, the rink was been a safe place for the community to enjoy skating for free during the winter months. WIth a wraming climate, mild winters, and less than 14 days of skating each season the past five years, the Lions returned maintenance of the rink to the Town in March 2017.   It was no longer possible to man the snack shack for events, as longterm planning was not possible as the ice conditions becam unreliable..

Easton Garden Club Plant Sale at Yardley-Wood Rink.The future of the rink may require finding a new location.  The construction of the new school and reuse for this land is not yet known.  Natural freezing is most cost effective, but unreliable the past ten years.  It may be time to consider creating a refreigerated rink, like Boston's Frog Pond, (though costly to run), could provide 3-4 months of solid ice, and allow many more skating days when temps are comfotable for the kids (25 to 40 degrees F) from December through early March.  This will require a community of dediucated stakeholders to make it happen with both investment and volunteer time.

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