Easton Lions Raffle Baskets for the Holiday Festival

Collage of 4 of 18 raffle baskets for the Holiday Festival
  1. ICE CREAM BASKET   -$25 Walmart Gift Card, 6 sherbert glasses, 6 banana split dishes, ice cream cones, sprinkles, hot fudge, cherries, napkins, scoop
  2. SCRATCH TICKET SLEIGH  – $50 in scratch tickets
  3. 5 PC LENOX BASKET  -$30  99 Restaurant gift card, 5 various Lenox  dishes,  2 lbs. pistachios, candy, dish towel, oven mitt
  4. LENOX PLATE BASKET  -$25  99 Restaurant gift card, Lenox oval platter, Lenox bowl, dish towel, oven mitt, candy
  5. SNOWMAN BOX TREE  -$20 Beanery gift card, candle, 2 ornaments, candy
  6. KIDS BASKET  – $25 Target gift card, 2 teddy bears, book, 2 games, puzzle
  7. COFFEE BASKET  -$20 Beanery gift card, wafer rolls, 1 lb Pete’s coffee, 1 lb Mary Lous coffee, 2 coffee mugs, shortbread
  8. BELEEK IRISH TEA BASKET  -Farmers Daughters gift card (mystery amount!)  8 Beleek cups and saucers, Beleek creamer and sugar, Irish Tea, crackers, jelly, candle
  9. SCRATCH TICKET SLEIGH  -$50 in scratch tickets, candy
  10. SPA BASKET  -$30 Bath and Body Works gift card, 2 bottles wine, Yankee candle, spa body brush, loofah, foot scrub, nourishing body cream, Oil of Olay soap, 2 facial masks
  11. ROMANTIC BASKET  -$50 Maguires gift card, teddy bear, 3 candles, Champagne, 2 glasses, Ghiradelli chocolates
  12. ITALIAN BASKET  -$50 Starbucks gift card, Limoncello, 3 dishes, pasta bowl, 6 glasses, pasta sauce, pasta, cheese grater, olive oil dipping dishes, wooden utencils, grated cheese holder, salt and pepper shakers
  13. BLUE WINTER BASKET  -$30 Apple gift card, Beringer White Zinfandal wine, winter lighted picture, 2 blue wine glasses, 2 snowmen, blue vase, snowman relish tray, angel bell, Santa statue, Santa cookie plate, 2 snowmen kitchen towels, 3  candles
  14. FIESTA BASKET  -$25 Texas Roadhouse gift card, El Paso Chili Co fahita maker, Marguerita mix, chip bowl, tortilla chips, salsa bowl, salsa, happy hour sign, 2 glasses
  15. BAKING BASKET  -$25 Walmart gift card, 3 cookie sheets, 2 cooling racks, rolling pin, candle, pie dish, Pampered Chef pie crust cover, wooden spoons, cran-orange muffin mix, brownie mix, sugar cookie mix
  16. BOYS BASKET  -922 pc Harry Potter Lego Set, Uno card game, boys size 7 Spiderman sneakers, basket of snacks
  17. CHRISTMAS BASKET  -$50 Amex gift card, 8 linen napkins, 2 boxes mini ornaments, set of 3 ribbon candles, trivet, hanging wooden sleigh, 2 snowman mitts, 2 snowman dish towels, snowman tea light, plaid candle holder, ornament lights, Christmas candy dish, 2 tree ornaments
  18. GUYS BASKET  -$25 Home Depot gift card, 1.75L bottle of Irish Whiskey, 750L Single Malt Scotch, shaker/ mixer set, peanuts, beer nuts, pretzels, football player bobble-head, 2 candles, “Heineken airplane”, hand towel, napkins